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Welcome, Today is: March 29, 2017
To: ACMA Club Members

At the last club meeting we set Saturday, April 1st as the date of our Work Day.

We will need sixteen to eighteen volunteers.

The following three projects need to be completed:

1. Repair/replace plywood floor in shed, kitchen side: Two people should be able to do this. Anyone good with wood?
    We will need to buy 3/4" plywood, plus some other lumber for the sub floor. Lumber from Lowe's.
    Need crow bar, circular saw, sawhorses, hammers, nails, screws, power hand tools, etc.

2. Put down donated carpet to replace bad sections in pit areas: Two crews of three or four people needed.
    Replace the torn carpet, or lay on top of old carpet. Nail down with large spikes. Spikes and flat washers available at Lowe's.
    Fill low spots and possible trip hazards with sand, and level before putting down the new carpet. *
    Need shovels, a wheel barrow, carpet knives or utility knives, and a couple of hammers.

3. Patch and fill runway cracks and low depressions: Six to eight people needed. 
    Buy coarse patching compound to fill cracks. Available at Lowe's.
    Buy bags of cement dry mix to fill large cracks and low spots in the runway. Available at Lowe's.
    We will need one or two cement mixers and a couple of wheel barrows. Three members have mixers. Could we borrow a couple?
    We also need a couple of straight 2X4s eight or ten ft. long, pointed shovels, garden rakes, large trowels and push brooms. Lumber from Lowe's.

* There is a pile of sand a little ways beyond the south end of the runway.

Please reply and volunteer to improve YOUR flying field.




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